Whisky Glass bottle

Whisky in a can

Welcome to “Whiskey in a can “. The most innovative idea in the liquor industry! Is there any better sound than opening a beer can after a long day at work? Why not open a can with something a little stronger than beer, for example with Whiskey?

Why Whiskey in a can?The Whiskey that is inside the can has not been adulterated and keep intact the whisky which is inside

Aluminum cans can be cooled quickly and keep at low temperature for long periods of time.

The size of our aluminum cans is perfect for individual consumption or to be shared with a group of friends.

Aluminum cans are 100% recyclable, helping to keep our environment clean.

You can take them almost anywhere! Aluminum cans are easy to bring to light, because they are in fact 50% lighter than Whiskey in a glass bottle.

Aluminum cans can be enjoyed by the pool or on the beach without having to worry about broken glass bottles.

Enjoy a drink instead of saving the rest for later!

Our patented sealable lid keeps the Whiskey clean and ready for you. ( Available separately).